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Give an Article Asset a preview image, without assigning a child image asset?

Kevin M. Cox 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 8 years ago 4

Is there a way to assign a preview image to an Article Asset (which would show up on main site index pages) without assigning a child image asset?

Or alternatively, can I assign a child image asset for purposes of giving the article this preview, but not have the image show up on the article?

We’re doing a very graphically driven (charts) one-page special series and for the sack of load times I’m building them in HTML. My plan is to simply create an article asset and then use the HTML view to craft everything. They will have an image that I’ll pull in through the HTML.

I’d like to use that image as a preview for the article so it’ll show up on our main news index and our front page slideshow. Is there anyway to accomplish this?


Yes, please! I'd love to have a preview option for article assets, too!

Under review

I've had two other request for this, so it seems popular. It is in our backlog already so I'll see if I can bump it.

Closest thing you can do now is to put the photo inline at the bottom. So it will still be there, but just as an afterthought at the bottom.

Also, does it have to be an article asset? You can create HTML assets with a preview image, and the preview doesn't show on the "details" page.

You'd have to make sure your blocks are set up to show HTML assets.

Thanks for the thoughts. Here is what I was working on:

Trying to duplicate this Lifestyle section front PDF (paywall loophole URL) in a more web-friendly format.

Here is what I came up with: Part 1: Under Pressure It is not perfect, but it'll have to do for 2 AM.

I got around the preview image problem for our home page by using the Collection that'll eventually hold the entire series. Since I can assign a preview to a collection that works well.

The only problem it has left me with is that the entire Collection description is displayed in our front page slideshow where we normally see the Summary from Articles. (See below)

I guess it could also be nice for Collections to have a Summary tab in addition to the Description tab. This way a more succinct summary could be given while leaving room for a longer description on the actual collection asset page.