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Custom "Read More" Text for Block Template "Email card: Summary horizontal"

Robert Dundon 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Troy Sporcic 6 years ago 3

I came across the block template "Email card: Summary horizontal" (among

a few other Core email block templates) that don't support custom "Read

More" text.

I needed this feature for moving an obits newsletter from Zen to Flex, the text for the custom block template on Zen was " View Obituary / Sign Guestbook," which is more sensitive and empathetic than "Read More" I would imagine there are other use cases for this as well.

However, I did notice that the Core block template uses the macro email_assetLead in the Core Flex Email component.

Blocks using that macro can use "read_more_text" as a custom property to

support custom text.

I made a custom copy of the Core block template "Email card: Summary

horizontal" for now, but of course it'd be nice to have this in Core.

Under review

I've added this to our product backlog.

Christine any update on this one from three years ago we have a ticket in as well for it to avoid bring over custom blocks