Feature Request: Podcast asset creation to simplify XML and RSS Data.

John 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 8 years ago 2

I'm slowly working through this with my town news contact but it seems like it will be more complicated and I might need to reach out to a third party company.

I'm trying to create a couple podcasts with some students and the level of detail required in the XML is far too much for the currect town news "audio asset" option.

Is it possible to add a Podcast asset with all the specific podcast details Apple and Stitcher require?

Here is an example of a video podcast's RSS XML.


Have you tried using article assets and using the audio assets as children of those articles? That'd probably work well for you

I don't think that will provide the level of metadata I'll need for getting the content posted through itunes and stitcher. I'll check it out though.

Thanks for the reply.