Adding a 'date block function' to Blox forms

Christopher K 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Maureen Reinert 8 years ago 1

We would like to see a date block function (similar to AdOwl) so people can't pick certain dates for publications.

1. What problem would this solve?

We have a notation under the dates saying there is a mandatory 11 day waiting period, but people still will pick dates within that time period. We then get people complaining because their submission didn't run in the date they wanted (even though it was under the 11 day period).

2. Why the implementation is needed

This would halt any submissions that try to circumvent the required turnaround time from when the form is submitted to when it will run in the publication.

3. How often would it be used

We currently have 6 forms just for our Celebrations publication that is used all the time by people to submit Anniversaries, Weddings, Birthdays, Retirements etc. We also have other forms that would use this function as well (Letters to the Editor, Obits etc.)

4. How many would use this function

These are forms to get information to run in different publications, so multiple people would benefit from this function.

Until TN adds a way to do this in the form builder, there is a little bit of javascript that you could try putting into an HTML block on the form page that would let you set the start date for the date picker. You could set the value to today + 11 days, and the user won't be able to select anything earlier.

If you want help with that, let me know.