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Rotating Image Ads

Kevin M. Cox 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 8 years ago 5

We’ve got a customer who would like to have an online advertisement rotate between multiple images randomly. It doesn’t look like there is a way to do this currently in the Marketplace / Banner Ads module. Am I missing something simple?

To be clear, we're not looking for an animated ad that rotates in place. We're looking for logic that will pick between two static image ads and randomly display one or the other at page load.

If not we’d like to make a feature request for this functionality. This way we can keep everything as one ad with the same pool of impressions, ad positions and other options.

We’re getting more and more requests for this type of thing now that we’ve stopped allowing Flash ads on the site.

What do y’all think?

The way we've accomplished this in the past is by creating a gif. We had too much trouble with flash ads not being clickable anyway. It's a pretty difficult process to create a gif in Photoshop. So it would be nice to have a simple image slideshow that functions as an ad in BLOX.

Kevin, do you have an email address? I've looked you up on Galveston's website before but didn't find one. It'd be good to share ideas with someone else who is involved in BLOX on a daily basis.

Under review

Is there an example online of this? To me it sounds like an HTML5 ad (with built-in JS or other code). Many things that used to be Flash are now HTML5.

I probably did a bad job of explaining this.

We're not looking for an ad with motion, or one that rotates while it is displayed. We can do that with HTML5 or GIF if needed.

We're looking for the ability to upload multiple static image creatives into BLOX as part of the same ad. Then have BLOX randomly (or sequentially) select one of those image creatives to display when the page is loaded. Once the system displays the ad, that particular image is the one the reader sees. Nothing would change for the reader until the page was loaded again.

So BLOX would know that it has this "set" of static image that are all part of the same ad number. So it is a single advertisement in the system. I guess a good way to think of it would be like a collection of images.

When that particular advertisement (medium rectangle, leaderboard, etc.) gets called up to be served, BLOX would then display only one of the available images to the reader. This could be random or sequential.

So if five different readers all get served that same single advertisment (with five images available in the set) they would all see a different image. However the impressions would increment five times for that single ad, as normal. They would all follow the same positions, targeting and day parting since they are a single advertisement.

This would greatly increase the ease of reporting and billing since we'd only have a single "ad" in the system despite it sharing five different "creatives."

Papers could use this as a was to increase revenue as well. For instances increasing the CPM by $0.50 or $1 for customers who want to use this option.

Hopefully that helped make things more clear but if not please let me know and I'll try again!


I like that even better!

I'd like to even have the option to send different images to different links. For instance we have a gift card campaign with about 9 different ads each linking to its respective site. But it's really all one campaign.

I know this is getting away from the simplicity of what you're describing but I would definitely use it just as you've described above, without any of the stuff I just suggested.

Nick, it sounds like the Facebook model is what you're after. Where you can create Campaigns, that contain Ad Sets (different budgets and targeting), which contain a variety of different individual ads.

That would definitely be cool as well but I'm happy to keep things simpler for now!