MyCapture integration: More rules for restriction of sale.

Brice Bertels 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 8 years ago 3

We sell photo prints through MyCapture, it's pretty popular. However, under the Flex templates, we cannot restrict the images that it offers for sale.

There are times where we don't allow the sale of a photo, such as photos of accidents or photos of gallery art. Also, we are not allowed to sell AP photos for licensing reasons.

Right now, it's either all or nothing. Ideally, we would want a way to flag certain photos or sections with a "not for sale" sort of tag that MyCapture would honor.

We also use MyCapture and our AP photos do not have the buy link on them. Similarly any photos with the keyword #nosale don't get the buy link.

I would open a ticket with TN support. I see in our templates where there is code to exclude the link on photos with the keyword #nosale as well as anything flagged AP along with some other checks for photos to exclude. If this isn't working for you, then it's probably worth reporting it as a bug.

Good to know about the #nosale, thanks!

The documentation on this is pretty well documented, my bad for not checking this out a bit closer before posting

If the image meets any of the following criteria, it will NOT display with the "Buy now" link:

  • the image is not high resolution
  • the image is from the Classifieds or Businesses application
  • the image has a byline that contains 'courtesy' or 'associated press'
  • the image has a caption that contains 'contributed photo' or 'ap photo'
  • the image is flagged with 'AP' or 'Contributed'
  • the image is tagged with a keyword of '#nosale' or '#ap