Feature request(s): BLOX admin enhancements

Kyle Whitfield 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by anonymous 8 years ago 5

We'd love for y'all to consider a more intuitive BLOX interface (selfishly speaking b/c I"m sure our workflow is different from others) …

-- the ability to search for a story, drop it into a block and re-order the items in the block w/o having to open multiple tabs/individual blocks.

-- Also, could related stories we drag into an asset show up in a related box underneath the centerpiece when the asset is put in that block? Right now we have to manually define centerpiece related stories.

-- Would also be helpful to 'link' block to one another so a story can seamlessly flow from one block to another on a page.

Right now when we change centerpiece story, for example, we have to change the CP, then move that CP'd story -- which is still being widely-read -- into another prominent block on the page.

We would use these features VERY often.

did NOT know about the 'additional content' feature. Thanks!

I've just not been able to wrap my head around display priorities. Our homepage centerpiece and top stories modules have obscure query rules that purposely don't pull in any content. And we pin everything from there.

lowest priority appears at the top of a list?