Facebook Instant: Including social embeds?

Kyle Whitfield 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Robert Armstrong 7 years ago 2

Submitted this as a ticket but wondering if this is just me being dense?

Are y'all have luck w/ social embeds showing in FB Instant articles? Facebook has some documentation on how to do it. But I **think** it's something TownNews would have to implement. But maybe I'm wrong?

What do you mean by social embeds? Like tweets?

Did you get any update on this or solution? We're trying to connect to FB instant articles as well, but we're getting the same error.

Please include all of the images found in the web article:

Add Embeds or Media

Instant Articles should offer readers the same experience as the web version. It looks like one or more of your articles are missing social embeds and/or some media elements (images/video) from the web version of the article. Learn about how to use social embeds, add missing images and add missing native videos to your Instant Articles.