Inform PerfectPixel locations

Ben Vankat 7 years ago in BLOX CMS 0

We embed videos on article pages via a tool from Inform, our video vendor. The PerfectPixel tool has three positions available -- numbered 1-3 -- in the default Flex templates.


Both positions 1 and 2 are stacked at the top of the body text, below the social media sharing buttons. The position is responsive, so the width adjusts with the body text when related assets are attached to the story. But having them stacked is redundant.

It would be nice if Position 1 was higher on the page to allow for a larger video, even when related assets are used. Currently, there's not a way to show a PerfectPixel video wider than 490px -- the width of the body text -- on a page with related assets.

Proposal: Putting the Position 1 div in the wider space below the byline would allow for larger video playback on article pages. And gives editors three distinct positions to choose from on the page.

Moving the div higher would cause the video to compete with a child photo asset attached to the story. But editors would be able to manage whether a video or photo was the dominant visual on the page.