Feature Request: Setting to have the Find User window triggered by the Authors + (add an author to an asset) display only Admins by default.

Kevin M. Cox 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 7 years ago 2

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I've gotta imagine this would help all of y'all. Our Users list in TCMS continues to grow as we have employee turnover, meaning we increasingly have to wade through former staff members to find current ones.

We can't delete the users because it'll break some link, so Town News recommends just demoting them to normal users instead of admins which is fine.

The missing piece of the puzzle is the ability to then not see these normal users by default and only see admins when you go to add an author to an asset.

1. Greatly speeds up the process of adding an author to an asset. For hosted this weeds out all of the subscribers by default showing you only staff members. For TotalCMS this would show only current staff members and not former staff members who have been demoted to regular users.

2. Every single day.

3. Every single employee who uses TotalCMS.

I typically just ban the person who has left the company. But it would be nice hide the banned(or demoted I guess) users.

That is what we're doing. Banning and demoting to "normal."

It would just be nice to have them filtered from the default display when the Find Users dialog pops up.