Feature Request: Save button in the Expanded Editor view of article assets

Kevin M. Cox 7 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated 6 years ago 5

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A lot of our staff like using the Expanded Editor view when working in article assets so they can focus on just the body of their story. They are requesting that a Save button be added into this view so they can save (without closing) directly without having to first return to the standard asset view.

Probably the easier thing would be to simply add another bar at the bottom of the window, below the Stats bar, that contains the Save button on the right side. Alternatively adding it into the toolbar at the top of the screen would work just as well.

Please let me know what y'all think.





Instead of using the maximize Rich Text Editor button - have your or your newsroom ever tried to just maximize the asset editor window? This accomplishes a few things:

  1. It increases the size of the rich text editor for the main content, summary, and tagline
  2. The save button is still present on the screen and can be used directly
  3. Drag and drop of assets can still occur from the tab interface on the right

The only real down-side is that it does not give the full screen - but with a sufficiently large desktop resolution, this should not be an issue.

As an aside, if we added support for an auto-save feature, would users feel less compelled to click save as often? An auto-save feature would keep a draft version around so that less revisions are being made and some form of recovery can occur if the browser crashes or the window is accidentally closed.

Thanks for the reply Patrick. Yes, that was the first thing I suggested but the editor who made the request doesn't like all the clutter. Maximizing the rich text editor gives that Microsoft Word like appearance with nothing but the text on screen.

A reliable auto save feature in the browser would be amazing. We have some reporters who write in Word because of this and only copy/paste into TCMS when they are done writing. Emphasis on reliable though, because I can already hear the complaining I'm going to get the first time someone in the newsroom thinks that the auto-save function didn't auto-save what they had been working on.

All that said, I'd personally rank auto-save as a higher development priority over adding a new save button like requested here. It will simply benefit a larger percentage of TCMS users.


We have this idea in our backlog and hopefully is something we can prioritize up for development for this either this quarter or the next.

Our editor is looking for an update on the request to have a save button in the expanded editor view. Is this still something on the roadmap?