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Can I add branding text to every page title?

Nick 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 7 years ago 11

I'm not sure if it was how our site was set up or what caused it but our page titles don't have any branding. For instance most news sites' page titles would look something like this...

"City crime rate dropped in 2016, but gangs persist | The News"

I tried to just add " | The News" to the "Page Title" field in URL page properties but that adds the text to the "Utility: Page heading" block. I don't want that. I just want it in the page title.

Hopefully this makes sense. Does anyone know how to add text to a page title without it changing text within the page itself?

I'd be curious to know if this is user adjustable as well. This post promoted me to check mine.

I think it's something that most BLOX sites have automatically but apparently while my site was being set up it got switched to not having the branding in each page title. Not sure how. I should have caught it before the site launched but I missed it.

Yeah, I think I've tried about everything on there but nothing changes the page title. If it does it also changes the text in the "Utility - Page Heading" block which I don't want it to do.

Did you ever get anywhere with this Nick?

I made a request to set it how we want during our Flex transition but it never got done.

I then opened a dedicated ticket for the change and it has been a month with no reply at all.

I never actually made a ticket because I thought there would be a simple way to change it. I try to post here before making a ticket because I'd rather not increase Support's workload on something if it's a quick fix. Apparently it isn't a quick fix, so I'll likely have to create a ticket.

Under review

I can follow up on this. I had asked someone about this previously, but there is a lot of logic to it so we wanted to get all of the details, and I'll have to check where that is.

Basically, the title is different depending on:

- What page is it (front vs. section vs. story vs. classifieds category vs business category vs business details, etc.)

- Your site motto (which is only used on some pages, not all)

- Your URL keywords

- Your URL section name

But, I will follow up and try to get all of the logic.

That being said, if you want to change the logic as stated, the only way really is to overwrite that macro. It may be something that we need to add a feature request, depending on the need.

Ours is simply showing up as our url in every single place that I can see.

Is this value being inserted into each page's Title tag simply by checking the URL on each page load and inserting it or is the value actually set somewhere in the database?

Nick, good news. I just got this implemented on my site (Ticket # 617578).


That's awesome! I'll look into it. We've been in a branding flip-flop for the past six months. So I'm going to wait until the company has decided which way to go with the website before I get support to change anything else. We already changed our URL and will likely have to change it back.

I understand that. In our case I simply wanted to replace the URL with the site name so that was easy.