Add a notes / customer service field in BLOX subscription interface

Jay Allred 7 years ago in BLOX CMS 0

It would be helpful if a tab could be added to the "View Subscription" window that opens when an individual subcriber's name is double-clicked.

Purpose would be to allow text entry of customer service notes when actions were taken that are connected to the subscriber that are not necessarily "recorded" in BLOX.

Could act as a very simple integrated CRM that ties right to subscriber account. Could literally begin with just a window where notes could be added.

Example: CSR takes a phone call with a question from customer, solves problem. Notes date, problem, time.

Example: New subscriber. CSR sends thank you card and gift to subscriber.

Example: Subscriber calls multiple times with one problem or another, Diff people answering phone. Allows for info on previous interactions to be universally avail. "I see you called last week..."