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E-Edition PDF "Buy Page" implementation via MyCapture

lbj56 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 7 years ago 7

We use MyCapture for photo purchasing and would like to be able to use it to allow readers to buy e-edition PDF prints as well. However, right now our TownNews implementation isn't sending over our files to MyCapture marked as PDF. We need to be able to include ispdf=1 on the querystring in the buy link.

Has anyone else had this issue?

We'd probably be interesting in implementing this as well once we figured out how to price it.

I've just started getting alerts for this in the past couple of days. I just convert the PDF page to a JPEG and upload it straight to MyCapture. But it would be nice if BLOX did this automatically.

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From what I can tell, it looks like we are actually sending the PDF filename via the URL. The way we set it up with MyCapture, we have a partially obfuscated URL to the file that is sent through the URL. MyCapture knows the "secret" to converting that partially obfuscated URL into the file path.

For PDFs, it looks like we're just sending the PDF filename through the URL.

So, I sent an email to MyCapture customer support asking them why they are not accepting the PDF in these instances. It could be that there is an additional rule of "ispdf=1" as Ibj56 says, in which case we'll have to do a template release to fix that.

I'm going to ask to see if they could perhaps look to see if it ends in .pdf - that will also tell you that it is a PDF.

Anyway, I'll let you know what I hear! We should definitely be able to get this to work though, it is what we build it for! =)


Hi Christine,

Thank you for the response. I'd like to share additional information.

I had previously reached out to MyCapture regarding this issue and received the following response:


Thanks for contacting Second Street Support!

This is a PDF, but you are sending it over not marked as a PDF so we assume it's an image. You need to send "ispdf=1" on the querystring in your buy link. This order has been fixed, and should be good to go, but for PDF's in the future you will need to make that change.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.


Ryan Rumpf

This is our E-edition page that a reader had tried to purchase via the "Buy Page" button when we received a MyCapture error notice via email:




Thanks Laura! That helps! I will report back when I hear from Second Street.

Hello Christine,

Wondering if you've received response from Second Street?

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Just a quick update - It seems I actually had a typo in the email address that I sent to Second Street, (I sent it to secondscreet.com!!) so the lack of response over the last few days was my fault, not theirs! :/ Sorry!

The good news is that I was able to phone them tonight and we are in the process of sorting it out. We should have an answer tomorrow morning.

Thanks, and again, sorry for the confusion. =)