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Two quick revenue ideas...

Christine Masters 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 7 years ago 3

Hey community people!

The marketing team may be posting this somewhere else as well (and I didn't ask them ahead of time before posting this, so hopefully it's OK - if not, uh, sorry guys!), but I just want to make sure you folks on the community board saw this because this stuff is really getting great results.

Firstly, have you seen the integrated Native Advertising stuff? It's really easy to set up, and we've already seen it getting surprisingly good results. I would highly recommend just trying it out on one or two sections, and see how you do. We have been surprised so far, and it is a nice way to include another revenue-generating spot without adding a banner ad.

Some of the "native ads" are from decent publishers as well. Check out my test site right now, for example (which prompted me to write this post, in fact):

Image 230

It is just a new property group called Native Advertising that is available in several of our blocks. More info: https://help.bloxcms.com/knowledge-base/applications/editorial/assets/faq/article_6d3353b8-08f3-11e7-b1fe-278a427431ce.html

Also, wanted to make sure you saw the new blog post which talks our our iQ programmatic ad program. A fourth of our iQ sites are making more money in the program than their TownNews.com monthly bill! So instead of paying us each month, we send THEM a check! How cool is that?


Anyway, let me know if you have any questions!

That's exciting. Is there a way to track revenue made from this service?

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Hey Nick!

Good question. It would be broken down on your bill (or the check we send!!) but we hope to get a better reporting method going forward. The company we work with has said they are working on a reporting API, so depending on how that goes we may be able to do further integration.