next page/previous page buttons as a utility block

Pat Checketts 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Nick 7 years ago 3

When one of our readers visits the news, sports, or calendar pages as an example, they can only see a maximum of the 50 most recent assets. To see anything in those categories older than 50 assets, they would have to use the search feature of the website where at the end of the search results, there is a "next page/previous page" button.

We're proposing creation of a block which would navigate to the next set of assets within a category without needed to navigate to the search function. For instance, on a sports page, if you have it set up just to display the 15 most recent articles, then the next page would reveal the next 15 most recent articles. Another example is on our calendar page where again the reader can only see a maximum of 50 upcoming events and to see anything beyond that, you must do an event search for a specific range of dates. It would be great if readers could easily glimpse at events in coming months without using the search feature.

  • I would use this feature multiple times per week
  • Our readers would use this feature on a daily basis
  • others in my organization would use this feature multiple times per week

Yes, this is something we've encountered before too. It would nice to browse through stories without resorting to searching. We've currently dealt with it by having a large amount of recient stories visible, but from a visual-standpoint, it gets too cluttered.

Great idea and one I had also been thinking about. I'd love to see this functionality to help keep the vertical scroll of pages down while also allowing for readers to continue browsing older content.

Many sites out there have this functionality, I'll use PetaPixel as the example. https://petapixel.com/page/2/ At the bottom of every page there are links to Newer Posts or Older Posts.

Obviously we could manually create these pages, but that would get tiresome fast. It would be great if the site could automatically generate these "Page 2's, etc." based on the top level page in the section as the template. e.g. If the /news/ page was setup with blocks that displayed 20 articles. then /news/2/ would automatically show the next 20.

I've wanted this for quite a while now.