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Story edit button for logged in admins on public site (like Wordpress)

Kevin M. Cox 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 4 years ago 3

I wanted to make the suggestion for Wordpress-style behavior that would display an Edit button on every article when the system detects that the logged in user is an admin. Clicking the button would then take the user to the asset in the BLOX admin for editing the story.

This would be very handy when an editor notices a typo and needs to quickly make a fix.

Now for papers like us that have TotalCMS obviously it would be much more complicated to implement; but wow, it would be awesome if it could be pulled off and open the TotalCMS admin panel with that asset selected in a search.

Either way it would be a cool feature for publications that only use Town News for their website.

Under review

As a light step towards this, would it be useful just to have a link to directly edit the item in BLOX admin itself? Something like that could very easily be provided - it would direct the user to the admin, if not logged in - they would log in - and then it would go to editorial and open the edit asset UI.

Patrick, that is exactly what I meant actually and is how it works in Wordpress. The detection of the logged in admin adds an "Edit" link at the bottom of the article. Clicking it then takes the user into the admin interface to make the edits.

Since I can't imaging the link being able to directly open the editorial asset for editing due to how it is a pop-up, my thinking was it could run a search or something so that the article in question would at least be highlighted or the only result in the search pane. Something like that.

Woohoo! Glad to see this feature is being rolled out:

Quickly go from an article straight to the asset in the BLOX CMS admin

Of course for it to be useful for us we'd need it to link into TotalCMS. Any chance that might still be on the horizon?