Article for subscribers about change to new Live E-Editions

Kevin M. Cox 9 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Nick 9 years ago 3
Has Town News, or any of you customers, written an article for subscribers when switching from the "classic" E-Edition to the new Live Segmented E-Edition format?

We just made the change as part of our TotalCMS rollout and are getting a ton of user complains/confusion.

I'd like to write something up to explain the changes, but was hoping I wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel if one of y'all had already done something similar I could borrow from.

The biggest thing for us was when people when ballistic when they couldn't view the full page of the paper. Once I explained that all they had to do was click "View Page" it appeased their anger. But as far as writing an article, we didn't do that. I wrote a DETAILED article telling people how they could merge their online subscription from our old system to BLOX and even made it bold on the home page, but I think 9 out of 10 people either ignored it and called anyway or didn't even see it.

If you do write an article I would take screen shots and put arrows with descriptions on them to explain the process.
We've gotten our first request to cancel a subscription over the change...

Unfortunately a bomb threat, evacuation and police K9s searching the building today slowed down my efforts to get in front of this issue.

What I would love to have is some slick little 2 minute video, "Welcome to Live E-Editions" designed to quickly show a reader how to navigate the interface. This definitely seems like something TownNews could have produced to help the countless newspapers that will make this transition.

Good suggestion on the screenshots. Now I just need to find time to make it look nice an professional instead of a quick hack job.
Sorry to hear you lost a subscriber. Some people are just stubborn and against any change at all. It would be nice to have a video tutorial. Unfortunately I doubt people would even watch it. People's workflow for change is:

Step 1: Notice change
Step 2: Rant

I'm probably being ageist(or whatever it's called) but in my experience it's the older demographic that is the most vocal. And I understand their point of view but change isn't anything we can stop or slow down for people who don't like it.