"Additive only" fields in TCMS

Beth OMalley 7 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 7 years ago 1

Customer support says that

teaser images


delete time/date

are additive only in TCMS -- so they will not prompt changes on the asset in CMS.

If a feature is additive only, that needs to be somehow noted in TCMS on each field, so that users know and remember.

Also, why are these fields "additive only" when they're fairly important ones that we need to change in both TCMS and CMS.

I'd have to go specifically test, but I feel like I've made changes to those items in TCMS before and had them push to web CMS.

However if that is the case, I agree that it seems wrong for those fields to not "push" to the web. They definetely should.