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Can we restrict photo purchasing based on "Provided" byline?

Nick 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Ashleigh 2 years ago 2

I know the system is set up to restrict photo purchasing through MyCapture to anything with the keyword #nosale. But I'd say about half the time, maybe a little less, the reporters/editors forget to add the keyword. What they almost always add is "Provided" or "Provided photo" in the byline field because typically they're more concerned with making it look good for print.

So if there's a way to do this please let me know. But if not, this would be a really handy feature.

Under review

We have some existing logic that will remove the "Buy" link from photos:

- The asset has to have a high res version

- The application has to be editorial

- The asset cannot have the keyword "#nosale"

- The asset cannot have the flag "contributed"

- The asset cannot have a caption that contains "contributed photo"

- The asset cannot have a byline that contains "(courtesy"

- The asset cannot look like an AP photo (as determined by having an AP flag or having a keyword of #ap or having a byline of "associated press" or having a byline of "ap photo")

If it is possible to switch from "provided by" to "contributed by" or "courtesy" - then it would work now. That being said, we can see about adding "provided by" to the logic as well. I just have to do a little research and make sure there are no side effects (i.e. places where it may trigger unintentionally).

Can we please add "courtesy" to the existing logic, without the parenthesis? Our style does not allow for that and causes issues with clients if their photos are accidentally for sale on our site.