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Right Rail on Articles In Flex

Craig V 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 7 years ago 5

Is there a way to add content from an article asset in the right rail?

In my experience, no. We just launched our second FLEX site this morning and I know all of the related content(ie. more info, pull quotes, if you go, etc) seemed to want to go to the bottom of the body copy. TownNews' team had to fix that for us.

I think the closes thing would be to change the asset's presentation mode to "long-form" but that would just remove the right rail entirely. It would also make the body copy span the full width of the page.

Under review

Hey Craig,

Can you describe your use case? It sounds like, from Nick's answer, you're looking to put something like an info box in the right rail? Which box, and for what reason? Thanks!!

Thanks. See attached example. Ignore the red arrow. just what is circled yellow. I know I can accomplish this with jquery but wanted to see if there was something in place already.

Hi Craig!

Next month we will allow inline placement of Related Content items. So you could create a Fact Box Related Content item, and then drag it inline. That may help if you want to include multiples, or put them at different places in the article.

In addition, I love this content box that you have for transparency... I am actually going to post a different article to get some brainstorming going on for this!!! =)


I decided to just write a short line of jquery to append the related content to top ad.