Business Directory Storefronts could work better as Standalone Full Websites

maryshepard 7 years ago in BLOX CMS 0

We currently use Business Directory Storefronts to serve as standalone mobile optimized websites for some of our advertisers. This has been a great addition to our local small business advertisers and our sales team! However some functionality of the Storefronts makes it difficult for them to truly function as stand alone websites.

Primary Example - By allowing certain child-related assets to be clickable, visitors to these standalone sites are re-directed to our site, to view the asset. For example we posted an article with an image for an advertiser on their Storefront Website under the "Products" tab. When visitors to his site click on the image, they are confusingly re-directed to the image asset on our site. Taking the user off of his/her intended website and making the user experience not very friendly.

We would like the ability to make some assets not-clickable within the Business Directory.