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Love the photo-swipe part of 'utility: full article' ... can that be applied to 'card: showcase' as well?

Kyle Whitfield 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 7 years ago 2

Was wondering that photo-swipe option found in 'utility: full article' could be included as an option in 'card: showcase?' Or maybe it already is and I'm missing it?

Under review

Hey Kyle! Sorry I had missed this post before. Can you provide a little more detail here?

If you're talking about the carousel functionality, can you describe more what that would look like on the Showcase block? Like, would the whole block be in a carousel, or just the photos? Also, note that there is a Slideshow: Carousel block that has the swiping functionality.

Hi Christine, so this is actually a request that the card:summary block have the option to display a gallery in the block when the main story has multiple photos. Right now the block just displays the top story's lead image. Kind of random request, I know.