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Add a desktop view for the back-end of BLOX on a mobile device

Nick 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 7 years ago 1

We've been using FLEX for about a year and I've just now noticed there isn't a way to break out of the mobile view of the back-end like there used to be for Zen.

For instance with Zen I could go to the front-end website and click "View full site." Then I went back to the BLOX back-end website thus tricking BLOX to show me the desktop version of the back-end. This was probably an unintentional workaround but it was very handy when I was away from a computer and needed to change something other than an asset.

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I'm not sure if we'll want to add that link, just because there are so many things in that interface that don't work on touch phones, and providing an official link may imply more support than our dev team is willing to put out there. I will ask though! :)

Also, we are in discussions in regard to adding a lot more stuff to BLOX Go, so we'll hope to remove a lot of differentiation in the long term.

That being said, I personally have needed to go into the admin on my phone in an emergency to fix something - so I feel your pain.

That "full site" link on Zen uses a URL parameter to create a cookie which says you don't want to see the mobile version of a site. That cookie is then telling the admin not to consider you mobile as well, by happenstance.

For now, you could just go to https://zen.bloxcms.com/?TNNomobile to get the cookie set, and then you'll be good for that session.