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Getting video from Blox to our app

Andrea 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 7 years ago 4

Good afternoon, everyone, 

We are trying to get a video feed from Blox to our app (which is made by Whiz). 

The URL I am giving Whiz is not what they want. They said my URLs return articles with videos, but there is no direct link to play the video iteself. 

What they need is...

  1. Feed is in Whiz format -- see the two urls above have 'whiz' in them
  2. If not Whiz format, then an standard mrss feed
  3. Feed has link to actual video -- an .mp4 or .m3u8

Would anyone care to sure their URL format for a MRSS feed? 

Please and thank you. 


Under review

What type of video player are you using? Is it just BLOX video? Also, if there are requirements or specifications from Whiz, that would really help. We could add specific features or a specialized feed.

Our Whiz app just has a link that opens the web page inside the app rather than a specific app page. We use Youtube assets. I'm not sure if that was the determining factor or not.

So it looks like you're mostly using BLOX videos. Just a note that if you do provide them with the straight up link to the actual mp4, you won't be getting any pre-roll ads to monetize, but you would be counted for bandwidth. So, hopefully Whiz will run pre-roll ads, or at least let you run your own.

It looks like there is a ticket dealing with this already, so we can just address the details there. We may need to customize the feed for you if it isn't supported.