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Facebook Video

Brendan 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 7 years ago 4

It would be helpful to be able to use Facebook Videos as assets, like you can with YouTube videos. Right now the closest we can do is using an HTML block with its embed code, which is not ideal.

Under review

Hi Brendan! Can you give me a use case for this? What specifically are you doing with Facebook Video? Who is posting the video and why? Is this Facebook Live?

Hi Christine. Much like with comments and with articles in general, being able to cross-post with Facebook would mean we would not have to upload the same video in more than one place, and keep certain things like views for the same video all together, rather than having half on the Facebook version, and half on TownNews-hosted/YouTube version of the video. 

Hey Brendan... So are these local videos posted by reporters? Why not post them to BLOX first and then share to Facebook (that way you have preroll video which you can't get on Facebook). Or, are these Live videos?

These are local, non-live videos posted by reporters. We want to post them to Facebook first because we have found that Facebook's algorithm heavily favors videos hosted on Facebook to externally hosted videos.