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Henry M. Lopez 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Kyle Whitfield 7 years ago 7

I am writing in regard to the Teaser field on the asset editor and asking another field be added — the social teaser. We are currently on Zen and when we move next month to Flex, we will lose one of the best uses of the Teaser. Right now, since Zen isn't completely supported by Teaser, when I add an image to Teaser its image shows up in the OG and Twitter tags for that asset(article). But, it does not show up as the thumbnail preview on the public facing home or index pages and it doesn't show up on the article page. That's fabulous.

Sadly once we move to Flex, the Teaser content, my understanding is, will show on the site's public-facing side on the index and home pages. Boo!

We aggressively use social images created in Adobe Spark to promote content in FB and Twitter. We often use these on stories where we have no art and on stories where we can make it more interesting in social media. But, there aren't really the type of images that make for good on-site thumbnails. 

Image 289

My usage of these promo images, which have no place on the story page either, really help spur forward user engagement. So, what I'm asking for is another tab called Social Teaser that acts just like Teaser except it isn't used for thumbnails — the social teasers url is passed only for social media. We want these images to come up when people share.

Image 290

The hierarchy then for OG and Twitter tags would be

Social Teaser

If not, then


If not, then

Article image

If not, then

Default image as stored in settings.

I hope you'll consider. This is a concession to the idea that like all platforms, social needs content built for it and that should be supported in the CMS. You can see by the images shared above these look strong in social media, but really don't have a place as a thumbnail. If there's already a way to achieve what I'm asking, please let me know, I didn't see it in documentation. Web editors, please vote up this idea, and if you want to learn more about this technique reach out to me at webeditor@sfnewmexican.com

Thanks for your consideration. 

Henry M. Lopez

Digital Enterprise 

Image 291


Image 292

Under review

Hi guys!

I'm working on a proposal that will include the ability to control social features on assets.

Facebook is also restricting the ability to customize the metadata during the posting process, so this capability may become more important. https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2017/06/27/API-Change-Log-Modifying-Link-Previews/

So, what are the items that you would need to be able to customize for social postings?

Social preview image: Ability to change og:image (which is the request Henry made in this post).

Social title: By default it is the headline, but can be overwritten here.

Social description: By default it is the summary, but can be overwritten.

Social video: With an option to autoplay... allows you to upload a teaser video that will be eligible to autoplay.

All of these items would not show up anywhere else on the article page. They would default to story content if not filled out.

Any other thoughts? =)

That sounds like a good plan. We look forward to getting this type of control in place.

I'm all about this, esp with the changes Facebook just announced!

Have you seen that they are allowing publishers to change links if they apply for "ownership" of their domain? https://techcrunch.com/2017/07/18/facebook-link-preview-modification/ 

Yes! Just saw it a few days ago. We're definitely gonna give it a try. Thanks, Christine!

Example of why it'd be cool to have a 'social share' image in BLOX ... we created this mosaic to go with a story so it'd fit nicely in our lead story spot on our homepage. But It comes out looking awful on Twitter cards and FB posts.