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Building a "newsroom" contact page

Graham Archer 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 7 years ago 6

Is there a way to grab all the "author bio" information we put in Blox user areas and pull it into one coherent page? Like is there a block that we can pin author assets to to create a "meet the newsroom" page of some sort?


I'm not aware of a block that automatically pulls in the author bio information, but you can create a block that has just the assets of one author by adding the query rule "Author" to the block and selecting the user you want. That's how we built pages like this https://www.flyafter5.com/staff/kevin-stairiker/ for our staff. At the top we have a Utility: Text promo block with the writer's photo and bio information. Then the rest of the page has Card: Grid blocks with the "Author is" query rule set to this particular person.

How did you build the staff pages themselves? Are they made dynamically or did you have to create a specific URL for each member?

We had to create a specific URL for each person. I'm not aware of any way to dynamically create the pages.

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We do have the user profile, which is similar to Maureen's:


Maureen has a few additional ad spots, which we may be able to add to the user profile if there aren't spots already.

As far as a "directory" type thing, we have been asked this before and it is on our backlog, but it is currently a ways off. Basically, users are not assets at this point in time, so they can't be added to a block. With this request I'm discussing, we could make users into assets which could be queried by blocks, searched, or attached to articles.

You could also have "person" assets for local politicians, sports heros or murderers. Each time you would associate them to an article, they would get a little "card" on the article with their mugshot, basic info and a link to their profile page. The profile page would then look similarly to the one I linked above, with a bit of data on the person, and a list of stories below the person which they were attached to.

That's a good idea, Maureen! Thanks!


We built a newsroom directory by using a Utility: Text promo (flex) block for each individual staff member. http://www.postbulletin.com/newsroom/