Ability to add notes to user profiles

Nick 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by CadillacNews IT 7 years ago 3

If you're like me you get dozens of tech support calls every week. People needing help logging in, subscribing, navigating the website, etc. For a while now I've wanted the ability to add notes to a user's profile.

There are tons of times people call and say they spoke with me last month, last year, yesterday about X, Y and Z and I have no memory of the conversation because of the sheer number of calls I get. So it would be nice to have a place to jot some quick notes, hidden to the user of course. Maybe a date field and a field for text.

It would also help the user's experience that we actually do remember the conversation.

Would anyone else use a feature like this? Is there a BLOX workaround way to do this that doesn't involve a spreadsheet or text document?

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Our in-house system has this, and it would be nice to add it to the BOX system as we migrate over to it.

I respectfully disagree. TN needs to focus on the Core product.

I would recommend looking into a ticket system and find a way to get the users via the Blox Webservices API or something, and use that user data within the separate ticket system


I have to disagree with your ticket system idea.  A ticket system is cumbersome for admin management of contacts, subscribers, and advertisers, especially if it auto-emails them to the account holder.  These groups don't need a copy of each and every note you put into the system.  They often times shouldn't have those notes anyway.  It should be kept separate from any ticketing system used to user/customer/client contact.

Subscriber management is part of the core.  Having the ability to keep notes about your subscribers, and your advertisers, is a must for any Contact Management System.  Even Wordpress, Joomla, and many other of the website content management systems have this built into the core.