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Live "blogging" article updates

Robert Armstrong 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 6 years ago 3

We're interested in doing "Live" blogging or article updates. Previously we've just relied on Live Twitter Feeds in articles, but something more substantial would be better for the direction we're wanting to go.

Does anyone have a service that works well with BLOX? Any limitations or potential issues, such as the ~5 minute cache?

Are there any plans for implimenting a Live Blog/Article service in BLOX? Would be fantastic for stories about council meetings, elections, sports games to name a few. Possibly tying it closer to the mobile version of the back end would mean our reporters could do updates on-the-fly and on the field.

We've discussed this here before: http://community.townnews.com/forums/1-general/topics/556-anyone-have-any-suggestions-on-how-to-best-handle-quickly-updating-stories/

Christine has a suggestion in that topic. Unfortunately it sounds like you're at the mercy of the user's browser cache.

Robert —

https://www.24liveblog.com/ has a pretty good free live blog service. Just grab the embed code, drop it in an HTML or article asset and you're ready to rock. Forget playing with flags for creating a live blog experience. Just grab the iframe code from a live blog platform. 

CoverItLive used to be my go-to but their pricing structure just doesn't work for me given that I only live blog on occasion.

Doing it how I'm suggesting gets around issues of caching.