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Feature request: Ability to set defaults for in-line asset styles

Kyle Whitfield 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 6 years ago 2

We love the in-line asset styling options. It'd be awesome if there would be a way to set a default style for those within BLOX. For example, every time we pull a sibling asset into body text it'd be great if the styling options were already set to "presentation: summary."

What problem does this solve? Eliminating an extra, sometimes monotonous step, for reporters and editors.

Why do you need this idea? Save some time.

How often would you use this feature? Daily

How many people would this affect in our news org? 100+

Yes, with this moving to TCMS now, we need HTML assets to display in-line as the full HTML, not a link to the asset.