Feature Request: Minify CSS/JS on the Fly

Robert Dundon 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 6 years ago 1

Let's say we have some CSS and JS in the global skin and UTL components. It's on the CDN as the other JS/CSS files as Core TN stuff. This works great!

However, can there be a way to access a minified version of those files? For example, if we have a file in global in resources/scripts/somefile.js (which would translate to something like https://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/example.com/content/tncms/live/global/resources/scripts/somefile.js on the CDN) can we have a minified version like https://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/example.com/content/tncms/live/global/resources/scripts/somefile.min.js ?

Just a humble idea by me. Thanks!

Just saw the release notes for Feb. 20:

In order to improve front-end performance, we are now going to be automatically minifying and optimizing all CSS and JavaScript files that are included in the Flex library. When looking at the files in the BLOX CMS Template Editor, the un-minified files will be available, and during our packaging and deployment process they will be optimized and minified for front-end serving. (FLEXBLOX-5616)


Edit: Wait, I see this now per another update:

 . . For this reason, only built-in library files
(not local site-specific files) will be affected.