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Embed form into story, or onto page

Meagen Finnerty 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Ian McPhee 5 years ago 3

I'm not sure if this has already been cracked, but it would be so nice if forms generated embed codes so we could put them at the bottom of stories, or embed them onto a landing page. Right now, we either link to them or use a third-party form that we can embed. 



I'll chime in on this one & extend the wishes a bit further. It would be MOST awesome if we could simply have a block that could have a form assigned to it. Block could then be place on any page. Handle all form submits via ajax so you don't have to have dedicated urls for each form, instead allow them to post to a generic behind the scene form handler that grabs the form id and then process that form accordingly. This would then allow us to embed forms everywhere, in article pages, in modals, and have much nicer design than trying to smash all kinds of html into the description area of a form.

Been wanting this for a long time :)


Any development on this? We run a lot of contests for free tickets and currently I have to make a form AND an article for each one, because when I share the contests on social media I want a good preview image, not just our og image / logo to appear. : /