Looking for author and byline field for collections

Bob Rose 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 6 years ago 9

We are setting up Google Data Studio dashboards for reporters and editors. However collection assets don't roll up under reporter totals because they don't have author/byline fields available.


This would also be helpful simply for staffers who run a search on assets they are an author of inside the BLOX interface.

You can add an author to collections and YouTube assets through Batch Edit after creating the asset. The bad thing about that is it loses it's tag if someone goes into the asset and saves changes to it.

It would be much easier if there was an author field in the asset.

Town News says that disappearing act is a TCMS bug. But it hasn't been fixed yet. 


This is done and should be released next week!

Thanks Christine! Many thumbs-up for this one.