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Change to the "wire" flag

Erica Smith 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 6 years ago 3

We all know what "wire" means. I don't think readers do — at least, not from the readers I've talked to so far. This, however, is one of the flags that's protected

I want to change the "wire" flag so that the public sees a flag that says "news service". (It's OK if our staff sees "wire" in the CMS.) Otherwise, I have to adapt an existing flag ("hot"? "special section"?) so that it will say "news service" to readers, but that description will not be changed in the CMS — we just have to remember that marking "hot" means "news service". 

(I know I can create a custom flag on an asset. But I need this to be assigned in syndication, and I can only apply existing flags there.)

Any update on this? It factors into a couple of other things we're working on, including Metrics for News and Trusting News.

I'd like the ability to easily customize all the flags which would help with many similar projects.