Animated GIFs used to work

Aidian 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 6 years ago 2

I used to be able to run animated GIFs in stories, and on section fronts/homepages IIRC.  But trying to do one Friday and another today and they're not displaying.

Did something change, or am I finally going crazy?

I don't know if this is any help, but I just did some quick testing. It looks like you may need to put the animated gif file into a directory where you can access it, for example in your /app directory. Then create an HTML asset that that displays that image. This would allow you to add that HTML asset to your story.

I think to add it to a section front or the homepage, you would need to put it in an HTML block or a block that displays a full asset, either the full HTML asset or the full article asset with the HTML asset child and show inline assets selected in the block settings. You could also create a Utility: Text promo and put the HTML img tag in the content settings for that block. 

It looks like just trying to save the animated gif as an image asset or preview image results in the gif becoming corrupted. At least that's what happened when I tried to save one as an image asset.

Yup, seems to be the case now, but in the past you could run a .gif as an image asset, like I did here:


and it worked fine.