Feature Request: mobile login - remove any spaces before/after usernames and passwords

jgarcia 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 6 years ago 1

We've gotten several complaints about the login not recognizing the user on mobile (but they login fine on desktop).  We've discovered that mobile auto-save and auto-correct is mostly the problem.  Here are the problems we've helped our customers with:
1) Often times there will either be a leading space or trailing space in the username or password. This will fail every time.

2) Sometimes mobile will capitalize the first letter or auto-correct and again will fail the login.

The biggest problem with this is that many of our subscribers don't realize it's happening - and even with our assistance have a hard time trying to un-capitalize a letter (it will keep happening), or to back space to get rid of spaces.

This feature would help many of our users, and prevent them from getting frustrated and unsubscribing. We get 3-4 calls or emails a month on this right now.

This feature would help across the board - and would help every-time someone logged in. 

I'm very curious if other newspapers get this complaint as often as we do?  If so, how do you combat it, besides trying to walk the customer through it?

Thank you!

I haven't specifically heard this complaint but agree it would be a good idea to sanitize the input of usernames so they are case insensitive. I haven't tested to see if spaces are allowed in passwords though which would make it hard to sanitize for them I'd guess.