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Mike Stickler 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 10 years ago 2
Ok I recently switched from including locations as a keyword to using geolocations and I noticed some inconveniences with the switch.

1. If I'm in an asset and I click "Add" to add a geolocation I have to select an existing geolocation. I can't add a new one... I would love to be able to an "add new" button that would let me create one on the fly.
2. OK so even if there's not a shiny "add new" button, its fairly simple to go to the menu choose settings/tags/geolocations and add a new location. Except it seems the array of locations you can add to the asset is set when go to editorial/assets... In order to see the new location in the list you have to close the asset your working on and reload editorial/assets
Under review
Great ideas, thanks! I've submitted this as a feature request.

For the record, I support the idea of using geolocation tags for a number of reasons:

1. They don't get "mixed in" with regular keywords. And you can still do query rules on them.
2. Because they are fixed, you ensure better conformity in terms of spelling.
3. Geolocation tags are hierarchical and can allow you to target big areas or small, depending on the tag. Plus, the hierarchy creates semantic value and relationships.
4. Geolocation tags have some structured location data associated with each tag, which could potentially be useful data in the future. 
For some reason it escaped me that they are hierarchical... Since they are it would be nice if you could drag and drop... Currently I can't, for example, move Owensboro Ky so it is under Kentucky. I would have to recreate it.