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Feature request: Import unlisted YouTube videos from owned channel

Erica Smith 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 6 years ago 1

YouTube is working with publishers — there's a whole YouTube for Publishers program. It's also our video player, so we upload and monetize all videos through YouTube. That works great on videos that we create — we upload them and publicly publish them. We also use AP video. We can add (and monetize) the video to our site through YouTube, but not to our YouTube channel. The easy way to do that is to add those as unlisted videos. 

Syndication pulls in YouTube feeds; very handy. But only public videos. The API that Town News uses searches YouTube, similar to a user searching YouTube, so unlisted videos are invisible. To add unlisted videos to Blox, I have to manually create a YouTube asset. 

Is it possible to change that a bit so that unlisted videos on my YouTube channel also can be imported?