Feature request: Reader blogging platform

Thomas Martinez 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 6 years ago 4

How many of you would welcome a more robust "article submission form" to use as a reader blogging platform? I'm talking about the same functionality of the story asset, with hyper links, ability to submit multiple photos and place them in the text where needed, etc. 

I have seen a few requests for hyperlinks and other stuff in the "article submission form," but I think full functionality would be welcome.

Our only other option would be to open part of our admin to readers, and we really don't want to do that as that will bring in a whole other set of problems.

What about allowing a form to have a WYSIWYG editor on the front end? (Like the options in this text area)

The submit an article form is so generic it's almost useless. You're right, something like this WYSIWYG editor would be a great improvement.


We still have a few freelancers who blog for us using Blogger.  Getting them (and the blog content) into Blox would be great! 

We agree! We have a very active blogging community. We'd hate to lose that. We'd much rather see an in-house solution than have to integrate a third-party vendor.