Feature request - infinite story scroll

doug nelson 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 5 years ago 6

I would like to request an infinite scroll feature. When you get to the bottom of one story the next story published in chronological order shows up on the same webpage. This goes on for ever. 

Under review

Right now we offer “infinity summary” mode… where it is the headline and summary of the article, not the whole article which is what you're asking about.

The problem is that it has to be done with 100% JavaScript, and our templates are quite complex that this becomes difficult. We actually (like 2 weeks ago) just had a meeting about this… we are thinking we could provide really super simple pages and then build them up over time.

For example… we wouldn't have a photo gallery slideshow at the top (to start, anyway). We probably wouldn't have metering and/or subscription at launch. And there may be some ad tech that we would leave off.

What do you think of that idea? 

Also, I've been hearing from some partners that they would prefer a "load more" infinity scroll instead of true infinity. That way you can reach the footer if desired.

i like the start simple and build up idea. How would google count the page views? How would google analytics treat infinity scroll? If someone sat on one page and read one article and then read through 3 more stories in the infinity scroll how would this be counted? As one page view or 4 page views? 

Also what is the blox that causes infinity summaries at the bottom of the page?

"How would google count the page views?"

Just a quick google (haha) brought me to this: https://webmasters.stackexchange.com/questions/57057/infinite-scrolling-without-losing-page-views-in-google-analytics

So, looks like you could set up a virtual pageview that would trigger at set points when a user scrolls past it (such as attached to a headline.) But from my limited searching, that method may be depreciated. Either way, it would have to be implimented on the BLOX side of things.

Hi there!

Yes we would count them as virtual page views. We do the now with vertical collections, for example.

It is actually possible to increment real page views, but then you may want to know the difference between your ‘story views’ and the ‘infinity views.’ So you would have to add an event and then you’re just adding lots of ‘hits’ (which you pay for in GA premuim) for no reason!

We would actually load new add or refresh old ones with this model.

At this point I'd be happy just to have infinity scrolling section fronts, e.g. /news, that would just add more and more story summaries as the reader scrolls down the page.


Hi guys!

We have a beta version of the story infinity scroll... Would either of you like to evaluate and see if the first minimal version will work for you? 

Because of the JavaScript complexity as I had mentioned before, the implementation is very structured... essentially the "right rail" is just ads and a story navigation indicator. It looks nice and it would be awesome to test it and see what the data says.

Anyway, send me an email if you want to talk more (or anyone who reads this).