Preserve key metadata in all image sizes

Ellen Meany 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Robert Armstrong 6 years ago 1

Who's with me... 

Right now, it seems that all metadata is stripped after four fields are transferred to the asset's menu... Headline, Photographer, Caption, Keywords, except on the hi-res image which does not serve.  

If we can't retain ALL, can we at least get a few additional fields... Copyright info, original date the photo was taken, what else. 

And can this data STICK with the images, no matter the size.  


I don't think keeping metadata in every single photo, regardless of size, is a good idea. It will increase page loads a lot, which eats up bandwidth and makes users frustrated as it slows down their browsing.

I do agree with the copyright info fields, but it might be easier to just put that in the caption for now.

I think a copyright tab is something we would use, but it's not on our minds right now. Spots for: Author, Date Taken, Location (GPS location from camera, if any), Subject, Licence (ie, CC licence, or other), Camera info, etc... I wonder if it could even be auto-filled from the metadata uploaded with the file.