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sliding billboards and clickable wallpaper ads. double click for small busi

Marty Bailey 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Laura 8 years ago 5
We are moving to Flex and we are moving to Doubleclick for small business at the same time. We have over 15 customers who buy sliding billboards and clickable wallpaper ads. Is there anyone currently using these ad units with double click for small busiss
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Hey Marty,

I know Sharon sent you a bunch of information regarding FIF (friendly-iframe friendly) ads. That's basically what needs to be done within the Google DFP custom templates to make this work.

The other option is just to use BLOX expandable ads alongside your standard DFP units. Those will be available in the next Flex release which rolls out on Wednesday.
Hi Christine, sorry to bug but I've been out of the office and am catching up. Could you point me to where the information is on Blox expandable ad units?
Hey Rob,

Here is some info... it is pretty long, but if you want to skip ahead just search for the word expandable (there are a few different kinds):


Hi Christine,
Could you point me in the right direction regarding our HTML5 pushdown we have implemented via DFP Small Business?