Ads in e-edition not clickable if they are in another asset's region

Nick 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Rich Griffin | Product Manager (Product Manager) 8 years ago 7

Sometimes our e-edition doesn't allow ads to be clickable(to view them in full size) if they're in the rectangle region of another asset. This was an issue a few months ago but was corrected when an e-edition update was made in BLOX. But now with the latest e-edition update the issue is back. Here are some examples...

Image 109

In the next example the ad is clickable but only the part that isn't in the region of the main asset.

Image 110

Image 111

I had never noticed before but it looks like the same thing happens for us, so you aren't alone Nick.

This issue is still happening. Any word on a fix?

Nick, we're still pretty new to the Live E-Editions so have never seen it behave differently. I'm curious, is this something that used to work "correctly" but has now developed a problem or has it always been like this as far as you know?

It was an issue in early 2015, then I think they fixed it mid 2015 and in another update late 2015 it was back to misbehaving.


Hi All,

These clickable regions or segments layer themselves on the page depending on the order of the segments in the system. If there are two overlapping segments, their order determines which segment is on top.

This generally happens when pages are being built in Total CMS/inDesign. It can be addressed immediately by slightly altering how pages are built in inDesign. If the smaller ad is placed on the page prior to the article that wraps around it you get that area the larger segment overlaps the smaller one.

We are aware of this issue and have road-mapped changes in e-Edition software to always place the smaller segment on top in this situation.

Until then sites Using live e-Edition and Total CMS to build their pages are advised that when there are overlapping regions on the page to place the smaller one last. This will eliminate the problem short term. If that is not possible the order of the segments can be changed in the BLOX e-Edition admin so that the smaller one is after the larger one.

"the order of the segments can be changed in the BLOX e-Edition admin so that the smaller one is after the larger one"

Would this be in each e-edition or is it a change we can make for all future e-editions? If you're talking about the "Segments" tab of an e-edition page I know that's the way to do it manually for each e-edition. If not, where do we make this change?

At that point where the edition has already been push from Total CMS to the website, it would be on the segments tab on a particular page of the eedition. To deal with it for the future, page builders would have to be aware of the ordering implications with overlapping segments and build them accordingly.