Webinar | Introducing BLOX Now, a better mobile app for local media

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Webinar recording now available.

Taking cues from social media, the BLOX Now mobile app eschews conventional news app design in favor of a single, continuously-scrolling stream of community news and events that keeps users engaged. At our June customer webinar, Susan Bell, BLOX Now senior product manager, and Christine Masters, director of product management, introduced the BLOX Now mobile app.

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Topics included:

  • Increasing user engagement with a hybrid news and information app.

  • Feature highlights, including: in-stream video playback, push notifications, and convenient fly-out menus.

  • Monetizing your app with Google DFP integration.

  • Managing your app, website, and mobile site in one easy workflow.

  • . . . and much more.

Are you ready to get started . . . now? Webinar recording now available.

ICYMI: Watch the recording or download the slide deck here.

This is VERY exciting. I heard in the Q&A that you can use our existing app and switch to the new BLOX Now app as an update. Our problem is that our app is developed by Whiz Technologies. Can we switch to our own developer account so it isn't Whiz anymore and then update the app?