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908232 is our ticket number regarding this same issue. Has there been any update? We are on the Chicago server.

We've had a subscriber call to ask if there is a way to minimize the page on our e-edition and have it stay at that that zoomed out setting as he clicks through the pages. It resets to 100 percent every time. After walking through it with him, I have to agree it's quite annoying to get the text to a size I'd like to read at, only to have it jump up larger every time I turn a page. Is there a global size setting option for readers on entire e-editions? The Control + zoom on webpages doesn't work. Thank you.

Agreed, both options would be really helpful. 

Currently we've made an extra poll: "This poll has closed" that we have to redate each time we want to have the poll unavailable. It works ... when we remember to redate it. People really enjoy our athlete of the week polls, and sometimes the vote is close. Having something we could set at the same time, as the live date and time, would be amazing.