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Sounds good. Thank you. 

Hi Joe,

Thanks for responding. My BLOX username is 

I apologize if this isn't the best way but here is a recently posted photo gallery:

At least on my phone and my computer there is a noticeable difference in photo quality when comparing the two devices. Especially when comparing how photos No. 2 and No. 7 look on my phone (worse, more jagged quality) and how they look on the computer (better quality). 

The one thing I noticed is that the more horizontal photos are, the better the quality. Take photo No. 1 in that gallery for example. It's more of a horizontal crop and the photo quality is much higher. I'm assuming this what you by 'necessary size by our image proxy system'. 

The odd thing is I've been working with BLOX for years now and I routinely check how my photos look after posting. I started noticing a drop in quality just this year. I've also noticed this change in other newspaper I know run BLOX. I've also tried changing web browsers and testing it on other people's phones to see if it was something on my end, but I still noticed the decrease in overall photo quality when viewing on phone, especially when those photos were more of a square/vertical crop versus a rectangle one. 

Overall these differences may be tiny to the average person, but it's something I've noticed since it's something I work with a lot.