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Hello, Ashley 

Thank you for submitting your question to the community board. 

The BLOX Total CMS team has been working on a new product called Distributed Production. Distributed Production allows BLOX Total CMS pages to be built without a dedicated file server or requiring Virtual Private Network (VPN) access. 

Here's an overview of Distributed Production:

We're developing Distributed Production in three phases, and the first phase was released publicly in January. The second phase, which allows remote users to combine pages and utilize dynamic jumps, is nearing completion and will be released this fall. 

Development for the third phase, which will include additional support for snippets and advertising, will begin after the second phase is complete.

If you're interested, feel free to contact your sales representative to schedule a demo.

Cody Dyer
BLOX Total CMS Product Mangager

Thanks, Joe

BLOX Total CMS is a multi-channel print, web, and mobile publishing solution. Once enabled on the hosted BLOX site, TCMS provides expanded tools for newsrooms, including workflows and assignments. Both of these expanded options, I believe, can help manage your publishing workflows. 

Here's a link that provides an overview of BLOX Total CMS:

I'd be happy to schedule a demo for you and your team and discuss our available options. 

Cody Dyer
Blox Total CMS Product Manager

Hello, Joe

Thanks for taking the time to submit a question using the TownNews customer forum. We appreciate your feedback. Is your site currently using BLOX or BLOX Total CMS? 

Cody Dyer
Blox Total CMS Product Manager