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Joe, I wanted to provide an update on this issue.  My editor has escalated this to their local I.T. person and I believe a ticket will be opened shortly.  I used both a Nikon Z9 and D5 for the event shot Thursday night with the saved format being RAW/NEF.  All files were ingested into Photo Mechanic, culled/edited/metadata added, and then all were Saved As JPG format and sent to my editor.  On my editors local drive the was able to see the metadata on both the D5 and Z9 JOG files using the Mac native Preview/Get Info. app.  When he uploaded the files to their hosted news site, the files shot on the D5 retained the metadata and the files shot on the Z9 dropped the metadata.  My editor send the files to an associate who tried the same process on a Windows system using a Chrome browser with the same results, Z9 metadata dropped.  Locally, I can move both the Z9 and D5 created files to my Smugmug hosted photo site and also import into my Apple photo album and the metadata is retained on both the Z9 and D5.

It seems there is something about the Z9 file that Blox CMS system does not like.  Are there any other tests I can perform that may help to shed light on what is happening here?  Is there a setting in the album configuration that might be causing the metadata to be dropped on just the files from the Z9?

Example of D5 JPG with Metadata:

Photo Link-->

Image 750

Example of Z9 image with missing metadata:
Link -->

Image 751

Thanks Joe.  I’ll take a look and maybe the in camera IPTC setting is the culprit.

Note that in your previous reply, a sample of my Z9 file was uploaded to Blox and the data was there.

Could this be a browser Safari vs. Chrome issue?

Joe, thanks for the info. and I have let my editor know what is needed to submit a support ticket.

Note that I shot an event last night and used both my Nikon Z9 and my Nikon D5.  I processed both cameras images through Photo Mecnahnic, added captions and other metadata, and then saved both cameras formats to JPG and sent to my editior using Dropbox sendfile.  When my editor uploaded to Blox, the D5 images retained the captions and the Z9 images dropped the captions.

Below is a screenshot of what my editor saw when he uploaded.  Is there a locally loaded Blox client/program and if so, what is the latest version?  Is it possible that my editior is seeing this behavior b/c there is a pending update to the version he is currently using?


Image 745

Joe, I cannot create a support case as I am registered only in the customer support community and do not have a BLOX user account.  I have created a sample image transfer that contains .NEF, .XMP, and .JPG.  The JPG does contain the IPTC data.