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Christine any update on this one from three years ago we have a ticket in as well for it to avoid bring over custom blocks

Lindy this is not a TN issue the code on the article pages are from NDN. Also AP matching is not working NDN stopped supporting what TownNews put in place without notice to BH Media or TownNews. They are switching to NDN Wire but that is not up and working yet as there were issues with how NDN was scraping our sites that came through as attacks on TownNews backend so NDN is making a new scrapper. As for the issue of videos showing up where they are not suppose to be that would be something you can control in the NDN admin for your property or you would contact NDN and they can assist if that is not available to you. You contact should be Jason Godfrey Mobile: 770-912-0419 | Office: 404-962-7441 | Email: